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The biggest Football Kit suppliers


It may be said that the record-breaking 10-year kit supplier contracts between Manchester United and Adidas helped pave the way for subsequent kit agreements. Adidas agreed to pay United £101.4 million ($75 million) annually, which at the time was 130% more than the next major kit deal. But ever since, all of the best teams in Europe have secured better-paying kit deals with renowned companies like Nike, Adidas, and Puma, among others.

Since the United-Adidas agreement, some other clubs have either surpassed or at least matched United's kit contract statistics on a number of occasions. But Manchester United signed the agreement back in 2014. They are due for a new one in a few years, and when they do, it will let the market know where it is headed. Before we examine some of the priciest kit arrangements and the financial figures that support them, let's examine what constitutes a kit supplier deal.

What Is Kit Suppliers Deals ?

A number of big manufacturing companies like Nike, Puma and Adidas approach football clubs to be designing and supplying their kits around the world. In order to manage the supply of uniforms and other merchandise, the kit companies make yearly payments to the football clubs. Moreover, kit contracts usually range from 5 to 10 years for long term contracts and 1-2 years for short term contracts. In this list below we look at the biggest, highest and most expensive kit suppliers deals in Football.

How does supplier kits operate?

Football clubs throughout the world are contacted by a variety of clothing and sports manufacturing businesses to supply and create club uniforms. Thus, the kit companies sign contracts and make yearly payments to the football teams in order to gain control over item sales. These Kit contracts often last between five and ten years with the possibility of extension. There are various clauses that deal with performances. For instance, under the United-Adidas agreement, the annual payment is reduced by 25% if United fails to place in the top four in two consecutive seasons.

Real Madrid's new Adidas contract is the most expensive in football today

Let's find out. The widespread reports regarding the $1 billion new kit deal with Real Madrid have been refuted by Adidas. Genuine Madrid's flow manage Adidas is now worth £34 million per year which will terminate during the 2019-20 season. However, Marca, a newspaper based in Madrid, suggests that Real Madrid are attempting to extend their contract. The ongoing Genuine Madrid-Adidas is the third greatest arrangement in football right now behind Manchester Joined together's and Bayern Munich's.

Besides, the most expensive kit supplier agreement in football is Manchester United's record-breaking Adidas deal, which will cost £750 million over ten years. Shortly after Nike made the decision to terminate its partnership with Manchester United at the conclusion of the 2014/15 season. In a deal worth a staggering £75 million per year, Adidas signed Manchester United, making it the biggest deal in football right now. Beforehand Manchester joined were getting £23.5 million every year from Nike. Despite Manchester United's failure to qualify for the Champions League at the conclusion of the 2014–15 season, Adidas signed the largest kit deal in football with English football's most successful club.

By a substantial margin, the current agreement between Manchester United and Adidas is the largest ever. As part of a new sponsorship arrangement, Adidas and the Los Blancos are expected to maintain their relationship through 2028. Since 1998, when the German sportswear juggernaut and the Spanish club began cooperating, a relationship has existed between the two parties. However, their most recent contract extension, which took place in 2020, was a sizable one. The most valuable kit agreement in football history, Adidas agreed to pay $1.48 billion over 10 years (2020-2030).

FC Barcelona new kit deal of £1 billion with Nike

Is FC Barcelona getting a new kit? The current kit deal between FC Barcelona and Nike has been extended for ten years, through the 2027/28 season. Moreover, Nike offered FC Barcelona a new contract with a guarantee of £100 million that would run from 2018 to 2028. Compared to Manchester United's Adidas kit deal, which is worth £75 million per year, the new FC Barcelona deal will be larger. The Nike $1 billion FC Barcelona kit deal will become the most expensive and largest kit sponsorship deal in football history.

Chelsea new kit deal of £900m with Nike

Chelsea as of late declared a record breaking long term manage Nike worth £900 million. Additionally, it will procure a huge £60 million per year which two times however much past unit bargain. The Chelsea unit manage Nike will run till 2031-32 season. The record breaking Chelsea-Nike bargain is still £15m less then Manchester Joined Adidas £75m a year contract. Nonetheless, they have concurred the arrangement for quite a while with Nike and consequently the complete worth of the arrangement is worth more from 2018 forward.

Biggest deals with kit suppliers

Real Madrid held the record for the largest kit suppliers deals, paying $148 million annually. Barcelona is currently in second place with $135.3 million, followed by Liverpool and Manchester United with $101.48 million.

Rank Club Brand YEARLY TOTAL Contract
1 Real Madrid Adidas $148m $1.48bn 10 Years (2020-2030)
2 Barcelona Nike $135.3m $1.35bn 10 Years (2018-2028)
3 Liverpool Nike $101.48m $1.01bn 10 Years (2020-2030)
4 Manchester United Adidas $101.48m  $1.01bn 10 Years (2015-2025)
5 Manchester City Puma $87.95m $879m 10 Years (2018-2028)
6 Chelsea Nike $81.18m $1.22bn 15 Years (2017-2032)
7 Arsenal Puma  $81.18m $410m 5 years (2019-2024)
8 Juventus Adidas $62.24m $500m 8 Years (2019-2027)
9 Atletico Madrid Nike $61m $610m 10 Years (2016-2026)
10 Bayern Munich Adidas $57.50m $860m 15 Years (2015-2030)
11 Tottenham Hotspur Nike $40.6m $650m 16 Years (2017-2033)
12 PSG Nike $25.71m $230m 9 Years (2013-2022)
13 AC Milan Adidas $25.71m  $257m 10 Years (2013-2023)


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The biggest football jersey sponsorship deals will be discussed next. This article should not be confused with it. Deals for shirt sponsorship often involve a firm having their brand on a team shirt. TeamViewer is Manchester United's official jersey sponsor. Real Madrid's shirts are sponsored by Fly Emirates.

Kit Sponsorship Deal

When a club contracts with a manufacturer or company that is willing to pay a certain amount to place their logo or name on the club's official and training kits for all or some competitions, this is known as a kit sponsorship deal. Then there is the kit suppliers/manufacturers arrangement, in which a club contracts with sportswear manufacturers like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, and others to provide and sell their official kits all over the world. For the world's greatest or the best football clubs, the option to put a games maker's logo on their pack accompanies a major monetary sticker price.

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