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Who has already qualified for Euro 2024


The UEFA European Championship is one of the most widely-followed international football tournaments in the world. Held every four years, the competition brings together the best teams from across Europe to decide who will be crowned champions. As the European Championship (Euro 2024) approaches, speculation is mounting about which teams will qualify for the tournament. With some of the biggest names in football set to battle it out, it’s no surprise that interest in the competition is high.

Since the next edition of the tournament is Euro 2024 and the qualifying process is already underway. Here, we take a look at which teams have already qualified for the tournament and what is the process of qualifying and fans will be able to watch them via TotalSportek, Sportek and Soccer Streams.

Group Stage Qualification

The top two teams from each of the ten groups in the qualifying rounds are guaranteed a place in Euro 2024. So far, the following teams have already booked their places through the group stage:

1. Portugal

2. France

3. Germany

4. Poland

5. Spain

6. Netherlands

7. England

8. Croatia

9. Italy

10. Belgium

11. Switzerland

12. Ukraine

13. Denmark

14. Sweden

15. Austria

16. Russia

17. Czech Republic

18. Slovakia

19. Finland

20. Turkey


The remaining eight places in Euro 2024 will be decided through a series of play-offs. The play-offs involve teams from the group stage that have finished third in their group, as well as the best four teams from the Nations League. The teams involved in the play-offs so far are:

1. Scotland

2. North Macedonia

3. Iceland

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Hungary

7. Serbia

8. Israel

9. Romania

The play-offs will take place in March 2022 and the winners of each play-off will qualify for Euro 2024.

Qualifying Process

The qualifying process for Euro 2024 is slightly different from previous tournaments. Teams are split into 10 qualifying groups, with the top two teams in each group automatically qualifying for the tournament. The remaining four spots will be decided by a playoff system, with the best four third-placed teams making it through to the tournament.

Schedule for Play-offs

Here is the schedule for the Euro 2024 qualifying campaign:

Stage Matchday Dates
Play-offs Semi-finals 21 March 2024
Finals 26 March 2024

Winner Favorite Odds: Euro 2024

So far, bookies are listing the favorite teams to go all the way and lift the Euro 2024 trophy. Of these, two are from the host nation, Germany. And the other 8 teams are from other nations. Let’s break them down:

No. Team Rank
1 France 5/1
2 England 6/1
3 Germany 6/1
4 Spain 6/1
5 Italy 8/1
6 Portugal 10/1
7 Belgium 12/1
8 Netherlands 12/1
9 Denmark 20/1
10 Croatia 33/1

These 10 teams are the favorite teams which are more likely to go through the ground and win the trophy of Euro 2024. France, England, Italy and Spain have all topped their respective groups.

Live Streams and Highlights

Fans will be able to follow the qualifiers and play-offs for Euro 2024 via live streams and highlights on sites like TotalSportek, Sportek and Soccer Streams. These sites are well-known for providing comprehensive coverage of football matches from around the world.

Fans will also be able to watch the tournament itself when it kicks off in March 2024. The tournament will take place in 12 cities across Europe and is sure to be an exciting event.

In a nutshell, Euro 2024 is sure to be an exciting tournament and the qualifying process is well underway. So far, 24 teams have already qualified for the tournament through the group stage and the play-offs will decide the final eight teams. Die-hard fans can follow the qualifiers and play-offs via live streams and highlights on TotalSportek, Sportek and Soccer Streams. The tournament itself will kick off in March 2024 and will be held in 12 cities across Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has already qualified for Euro 2024?

Twenty four teams have already qualified for the tournament through group stage. The teams are Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, England, Croatia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Finland, Scotland, North Macedonia, Iceland, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, Israel, and Romania.

What is the schedule for the play-offs?

The play-offs for Euro 2024 will take place in March 2024 and Final of will kick off in the same month.

Which teams are favorites to win Euro 2024?

According to the bookies following are the favorite teams and will go all the way: France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Croatia

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